In this world full of inequality and disparity, it is the obligation of every human being to try and minimize the gap between have’s and have not’s. Trustees at Savali Charitable Trust with co-operation of many like-minded donors endeavour to reach out to a large section of the ‘needy’ to provide financial assistance, enabling people in ‘building their lives and fulfilling their dreams’ , irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

We engage with the needy not as ‘donors’ but as a concerned ‘family’ of those in need in an effort to see a smile on every face.

Latest Activities

  • Savali is celebrating its 10th Anniversary on 5th November,2017
  • 2 more schools have been finalised for IBT Training Program.
  • 4 more schools were added after June 2017 for nutritious project
  • Savali distributed umbrellas for rainy season on the first day of school along with sweets etc and students were very happy.
  • Mrs.Nidhi Choudhary CEO Palghar District inaugurated Maulipada Aanganwadi in Vikramgad Taluka constructed by Savali.
  • Savali has taken up the program for Providing Nutritious food and medicines to students in primary schools in remote areas.
  • Savali had funded cost of emergency cardiac surgeries of 2 newborn boys
  • Jawaan Welfare Program
  • September-2016,Savali participated in the exhibition ‘Dene Samajache’ at Pune
  • Repairs/Construction-of-Aanganwadis
  • Malnutrition Project
  • Malnutrition program for 50 children (below 5 years of age) is completed.
  • Work of Shet Tale at 5 places at Shri Jayeshwar Mandir – Dengachimet
  • Medical support for kidney transplant
  • Empowerment to youth at Nashik and Valvanda
  • Savali Trust activities at Valvanda
  • starting of mobile dispensary in Jawahar district
  • Paraplegic Jawan selected for Para Asian Games 2014
  • We have sponsored a young table tennis player to participate in international competitions.
  • Financial help provided to a new born baby for life saving treatment.
  • Savali celebrated its 10th Anniversary