In this world full of inequality and disparity, it is the obligation of every human being to try and minimize the gap between have’s and have not’s. Trustees at Savali Charitable Trust with co-operation of many like-minded donors endeavour to reach out to a large section of the ‘needy’ to provide financial assistance, enabling people in ‘building their lives and fulfilling their dreams’ , irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

We engage with the needy not as ‘donors’ but as a concerned ‘family’ of those in need in an effort to see a smile on every face.

Latest Activities

  • Setting up of e-learning classrooms in 10 schools in Palghar District
  • Diwali Faral Distribution
  • Distribution of sports equipment in schools
  • Savalis own 2000 sq ft Medical Centre was inaugurated on 6th May,2018 at Walvanda
  • Savalis 2nd Mobile Van also started its operations from April 2018.
  • Savali has taken up Water Restoration and preservation Project in 3 villages of Khuded Grampanchayat
  • Savalis efforts to create employment for Bachat Gats is successful.
  • Savali has created Youth Empowerment Revolving fund as part of overall development plan of the villages aimed at benefiting youths
  • 4 more schools were added after June 2017 for nutritious project
  • Savali has taken up the program for Providing Nutritious food and medicines to students in primary schools in remote areas.
  • 2 more schools have been finalised for IBT Training Program.
  • Savali distributed umbrellas for rainy season on the first day of school along with sweets etc and students were very happy.